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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury...AGAIN!

21/05/2023 - General


We knew the likelihood of Dexter's other ACL going was a high probability after one went back in the winter of 2021.

This week his right ACL tore/ruptured (x-ray will confirm the amount of damage later)
Once you've seen one go...well it's not something you forget and I just knew the moment he screamed what had happened!
Dexter was at the vets within 30 minutes for pain meds and his surgery is booked for next week.
More surgery and rehab on the way so if you see me pushing my little man around in his buggy you know what has happened. You are more than likely going to see me out and about with him in his buggy as last time being able to get out and about really made a huge difference to his mental health so the buggy is out of storage and ready to go.
Last time Dexter did relatively well with his surgery and with the help and support of my vets, the surgeons and the most amazing team at Perihab (who I couldn't do without) I know that Dexter is in the best possible hands.
Over the coming weeks I'll try and keep the blog updated for you to follow along as I'm sure that many of you may have friends that experience this with their dogs or maybe even with your own dog so follow our story to see how it goes.

I'll pop some before and after pictures below of Dexter's x-rays from his previous injury and TPLO surgery.Don't forget to either sign up to our mailing list to follow Dexter's journey or just check in with the blog.