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11/12/2022 - Crate Training

Christmas is a time where we're supposed to let our fur down a little bit and enjoy some time with friends and family and especially time with our best friends of the furry kind.

While all this fun is going on it can be hard to forget that some of the things that are around during this time of year can be harmful to our dogs so have a little read of the below and just make yourself aware of some of the dangers that can be around at this time of year.
Chocolate – Toxic, toxic, toxic. Keep all chocolate away from your dog. If your dog eats any chocolate contact your vet immediately. Watch for chocolate decorations, deliveries or just accidentally leaving a box on the side.
Christmas pudding & Mince Pies – This is something for us, not for your dog. Grapes, currants, sultanas & raisins…toxic. If your dog eats any of these…call your vet immediately.
Alcohol – Not for dogs – we shouldn’t need to say this ,but I’ll put it in here anyway.
Artificial Sweeteners – Xylitol is found in many things so always check ingredients and if this is listed then make sure the item is not available to your dog.
Antifreeze – Not only is this highly toxic to our dogs but it doesn’t help that it has an alluring smell to them, so keep this out of reach and clean up any spills. You may have recently seen a story about some dogs knocking over and breaking a snow globe which contained this and it had a very sad ending.
Open fires and candles - The risk here is pretty obvious but your dog doesn’t know that they can get burnt. Could the fire throw out a spark, could a candle be knocked over? Make sure that if you do like to enjoy the ambience of flickering candles and the comfort of a fire that you have suitable precautions in place such as a fire guard or candles out of reach.
Pot Pourri – I don’t actually know anyone that has this anymore but you may visit Aunt Edna that has plenty of it floating around the place and it is the essential oils that are poisonous to our dogs, whether ingested or simply touching their skin these oils can cause a problem.
Poinsettia – ingestion can cause irritation and vomiting
Holly – can cause vomiting
Mistletoe – European species can cause vomiting whereas the American species is far more dangerous
Real Christmas Tree – ingested needles can cause stomach upset but more likely internal damage
Silica Gel – These little packets that can be found in all sorts of packages…even in packets of dog treats, low toxicity but still to be avoided
With thanks to The Blue Cross website for highlighting these Christmas Dangers
Stay safe and waggy

Jo x