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Easy Peasy Puppy Timetable

28/02/2023 - Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy

Having a new puppy can be a complete minefield. But like most things, if you prepare, find a pattern and plan it can make things a lot easier.

This is where the Eeasy Peasy Puppy Timetable comes into its own.
When you join our Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy course you'll be give these as handouts to complete one week which will help you to keep an eye on any patterns that your puppy has to help you plan your day and achieve success in house training, getting enough rest, finding good times to be able to get on with your day knowing what times they're likely to need a nap.
Remember, you do not need to be at your puppy's side all day every day, in fact we don't recommend it. Your puppy does need to learn to be on their own sometimes...unless you never plan on having a shower or going out again?
I've put my week of completed timetables below for you to have a look at, although I have summarised the most important bits of information you may be interested to know.
This was completed for Ezee before she was 12 weeks old so not able to go out for walks which is why that section is not completed, and of course I am human so there are some areas that are missing, but even now Ezee is 16 weeks old, some of these patterns are still exactly the same!
Ezee's Puppy Timetable up to 12 weeks
Average of 4 poops per day approximately every 4 hours
Average of 8 pees per day - time varies depending on sleep pattern but generally if she was awake she'd need a pee every 45 minutes
Average of 1 zoomie (witching hour) a day at 8pm
Average of awake time 7.5 hours
If you want you can see my completed Puppy Timetables on the PDF below.

Now Ezee is 16 weeks old I'm going to attempt to do another week so we can see if and where there are any differences and changes.

Ezee Puppy Timetable