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Ezee Peasy Puppy Diary

29/12/2022 - Crate Training

Thursday 29th December

Ezee is the newest member of Team Mojo, a collie cross poodle and at 8 weeks old I thought I would share with you...from a dog trainers point of view (POV as the kids call it) what it is like to be a new puppy owner...and just because "I know what I'm doing!" doesn't mean it's all plain sailing so follow us to see what happens on our journey through the trials of puppyhood in my warts and all musings.
I travelled back from Snowdonia with a furry little bundle called Ezee. I was also transporting four of her puppy mates to the south so they had company along the way...would you believe it...they slept the whole way! They were perfect little passengers in the back and with no "accidents" either. I drove straight through from Snowdonia to Reading in one hit for the first puppy drop offs. A few more stops along the way and Ezee was home at about 1330 in the afternoon (I left Snowdonia very early)
Getting her home with a good amount of daytime left was important for me as I have four other dogs at home so I needed to do settling and introductions. Thankfully, everything was planned and set up for her arrival so it was just a case of putting the plan in to action, and it went very smoothly indeed.
On arrival Ezee went from the van and straight into the garden and straight into a pee pose! Brilliant I'll take that!
Ezee had her first meal and scoffed it down like she'd never been fed before, I am always happy when my puppy has started eating.
She was completely unphased...however, the hard bit of the day was to come...introductions to the other woofs.
From my puppy preparations I'd had her scented bedding in place in her pen for ten days thanks to a brilliant breeder, so my dogs knew she was coming. She was introduced to each of my other dogs one at a time through her pen sides to begin with for the safety of her and my other dogs. They all had a good sniff between the bars and got to know each other, I would only put them face to face when it seemed appropriate for each of my dogs as they too have their own personalities and need to have things approached at their own speed. Only time would tell on this matter, so for the time being doggy gates are vital.

Our first night together looms...what will the overnight bring?