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Getting Started on the Right Paw

22/02/2016 - Crate Training

This beautiful little Cockapoo puppy has fallen on his feet with his new family. Such a loving Mum and Dad that are sure to do everything right for him. On welcoming their beautiful little bundle home they contacted me to ensure that he gets started on the right paw. With an hour’s 1-2-1 session I explained the benefits of positive reinforcement with the use of clicker training and reward placement. There is so much to go through with new dog owners that I always have handouts ready as there is so much to take in to ensure you’re going to end up with your perfect pup. I have no doubt that Oscar is going to make a fantastic family dog as although he is only 9 weeks old he was able to demonstrate a sit and down within the hour and there are lots more exercises that can be practiced over the weeks and months to ensure that he grows to be a very happy little dog.