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Meet Suze our Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer

09/01/2023 - Crate Training

Hi all,

So, for those of you I haven’t met yet I wanted to introduce myself and just explain what the
training I do is all about and how I got into dog training in the first place.
My name is Suze and I have trained with Absolute dogs to be a pro Dog Trainer Geek.
My journey into dog training started when I got my lovely labradoodle Lola nearly 3 years ago now. She is the first dog that I have owned myself, I had a few dogs growing up but until the training is all down to you it’s just not the same thing is it.
So, I had a vision of how life with my new dog would be, lovely long walks with her by my side, meeting people out and about with their dogs and having a chat then going on our way. Chilling out at home and cuddling up on the sofa and taking her to other peoples houses where she could play with their dogs.
I did all the research on the breed I wanted to get, watched all the YOU TUBE channels, read some books on the breed and finally took the plunge and I COULD NOT WAIT! I had it all planned out, where I would take her, what we would do for training and then, just as she was coming in through our front door for the first time………………………………………Boris Johnson was on the TV announcing that the country was going into lockdown.
Everything went quite well to start with, we were plodding along quite nicely at home, the trouble came when things started opening up again, Lola who had been used to a contained life within the house / Garden with just our family and going on very quiet walks found it very difficult to adjust to the real world!! There were a lot of times when I was tearing my hair out as she was barking and lunging at adults, children, buggy’s, scooters, bikes, people coming to our door, dogs barking in the garden……..the list goes on. I felt totally deflated and then I found games-based training the Absolute Dogs way.
This concept games-based training has helped me so much and inspired me to train as a pro dog trainer so that I can help other people to get the results they want and have the dog they have always wanted. The idea with this training is that you teach your dog concepts such as calmness, optimism, confidence, focus, disengagement and many more besides, so that they are able to go through the world in a calmer and happier way, and the way to achieve all this? …….. by playing fun 3minute games with your dog, it really couldn’t be easier to fit in to your life.
I really can’t tell you how much this has helped me and Lola and now I really do have the relationship that I have always wanted 99% of the time, well no-ones perfect are they.

I would love to help as many people as possible to experience this transformation too and help young dogs to have these skills right from the start so that dog and human can live happily ever after….