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Puppy Teething

24/02/2023 - Puppy Training

Stepping on a discarded puppy tooth is only second to treading on some Lego!

You'll soon notice when your puppy is teething, look for these signs:

First the obvious one...a gap!
Secondly one stuck in your bare foot!
Blood on toys or around their mouths
Extra drooling
Increase in chewing
Signs of discomfort
Going off food
Your puppy needs to shed 28 puppy teeth and produce 42 adult teeth in a very short space of time, so give them a little bit of slack as they're really feeling it right now!
To help them make sure your home is puppy proofed! If they chew on your latest pair or new shoes or your favourite wooden antique...who's fault is that? HINT - not your puppy!
Ensure your puppy has access to suitable chews and toys to help them relieve the discomfort they're feeling.
My favourite things to provide my puppies are frozen items as the coolness will help to ease pain and swelling for them and a piece of coffee or olive wood.
You may see your puppy go off their food a little if they find eating uncomfortable.
I've got a little video or basic teething guide you can have a look at if you'd like, I'll put the links at the bottom for you.
Remember NEVER scold your puppy for chewing something that they shouldn't have. You shouldn't have let them have access to it in the first place. If they do have something they shouldn't have then distract them on to something that they are allowed to have.
Of course if you are concerned then please contact your vet!

Video on YouTube - HERE