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19/12/2015 - General

Today I was invited to meet Ringo an 11 month old English Bull Terrier x Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is currently in foster care. Ringo has been in a couple of foster homes and a failed rehome. He is a very energetic young lad that really needs to learn good behaviour. Ringo’s fosterers contacted me to assist with some basic pet dog training. When I arrived Ringo was very enthusiastic, and was jumping up and mouthing at my hands and arms. I have suggested some training exercises to assist in resolving these issues. Ringo was also introduced to clicker training, which he picked up very quickly. By the end of the session Ringo was happily offering sit and down and was learning some self control techniques. His fosterers now have some exercises they will be practicing and I am sure that Ringo will soon be a very well behaved dog looking for his forever home.