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Scooting along!

13/04/2023 - General

I thought I'd spend a few minutes today talking about "scooting". I hope you're not about to eat, if you are then save this for later!

As classes were cancelled today (thanks to the terrible weather) I had my day planned in my head for some admin...but last night changed my plans slightly...when Dexter decided to do the scoot dance past me in the living room!
I'm sure most of you know the dance I'm talking about...puppy owners that haven't see it...you'll soon know it!
Now when I see one of my dogs performing the scoot dance it generally means one of two things:
1) There is a clingon from a recent bathroom break that I need to assist with (I did warn you if you were eating - but you have a dog, so it's going to be part of your life now).
2) There is potentially an anal gland issue - which I am NOT going to assist with.
After a quick investigation after Dexter had tried to create his own Jackson Pollock on my cream carpet I realised that a clingon was not his issue, but a certain smell (of which we all know, or we may know one day) indicating that attention was required from a professional in the bum area!
Yes, an appointment was made for this morning with one of our very amazing vet nurses to express Dexter's glands. A quick visit, some KY Jelly, an awkward look on his face and all is now well with the world...well in Dexter's eyes at least!
If you're a new dog parent then thanks to the PDSA's website I've listed the signs and symptoms of a potential issue that may need investigation for you.
  • Scooting - rubbing the bottom (anus) on the ground
  • A foul, fishy smell
  • Nibbling and licking the anus and/or lower back
  • Pain when pooing
  • Suddenly sitting down in discomfort
  • Looking round at their back end suddenly.

Thankfully, Dexter is now fine and the day can go on and I can use my morning as a bit of information sharing for those that don't know about the the scoot dance or maybe to add a little smile to those that do know the dance and you can remember that these things happen to all dog owners!