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Walks and Waggy Tails

13/02/2016 - Crate Training

The first couple of weeks of February have been very busy at Paws-itivity. There have been plenty of very happy dogs running around and enjoying life. Here are some of the very happy faces I’ve managed to catch on camera.


Not only have I been busy walking your pooches but I also attended a Canine First Aid Course, we had some very willing Labradors who let us practice bandaging them. It was a very informative day and I’m glad that I took the time out to do it as I cannot recommend it enough for either those that work with dogs or even as pet owners that just want to know a little more they can do in their dog’s time of need.



I got to meet some beautiful new dogs for a variety of reasons, mostly training and I must say that you are all doing an amazing job with your pooches. I’m there to help you every step of the way and if you start to have a wobble you know where I am so that we can get you right back on track in no time.

I have also moved a step closer to being able to start even more dog agility lessons, so keep watching this space. If you’re interested in trying dog agility then please contact me and I’ll add you to the waiting list.