Sometimes it is hard to find the right environment for you and your dog.

By pup-ular request, we're putting on some canine socials (and UNsocials) for you.

The social sessions are to bring like-minded dogs and their owners together for informal conversations with expert dog trainers on hand.

All social settings will be managed by Mojo Dogs to ensure the safety and comfort of all dogs and humans attending so please note that dogs will remain on a lead during these sessions.  In some circumstances, there may be the opportunity for off-lead play during a session if suitable dogs are in attendance but you let your dog off-lead at your own risk!

If you're not sure which social setting is best for you and your dog then please get in touch with the team first via email on

Please note that the UNsocial sessions are not for extremely reactive/fearful dogs as this is not fair to them, for more help, get in touch or book a spectators place.